Guess who’s back, back again, Big Sean’s back tell a friend! Back with his fourth studio album “I Decided” dropping today following up with his 21 city tour I’m still not understanding why Big Sean is being overlooked. Annoyingly known as Kanye’s understudy, Sean definitely deserves a lead role and a spot on your top 5 new school rappers list. Here’s five reasons why you should stop sleeping on Sean Don.

  1. Your fave doesn’t compare!

big sean

The proof is in the pudding for big Sean. You have to indulge in his work to understand that he is not your average rapper. Sean’s play on words and clever lines are impeccable and unique in their very own way, and who can forget those signature ad libs like: “BOI”, “OH GOD”, and “WOAH”. His lines may be a hit or miss for a few, but they’re mostly hits for me:

(“don’t play no games with hoes, I play Nintendo DS, ni**a/And pray I don’t see the end of my paper like P.S ni**ga”.) – “Deserve It”

(“Tryna get that hotel money/But you know them crackers ain’t gonna let you get the ritz/They ain’t gonna let you get the fountain with the fist.”) – “Stay Down”

(“kept my phone on silent ever since you got a ring.”)- “Beware”

2. He’s ½ of TWENTY88


big sean twenty88Not only is Sean’s solo career popping, the collaboration with his belle Jhene Aiko is taking off as well.  The duo came together in 2016 to make TWENTY88.  Don’t quote me on this (because I could very well be wrong), but one would assume the name came about because they were both born in 1988 and also share the same age of 28. AWWWWW how cute and head-ass is that? The self-titled debut album TWENTY88 is definitely worth a listen and a few hundred replays. Also it doesn’t hurt that they are one attractive ass couple.

3. Humbled & Helpful

big sean

It’s always refreshing to see celebrities give a helping hand and use their platform for the greater good. If you’re not living under a rock, there should be no reason why you haven’t heard about the water crisis in Flint. On The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Big Sean explains how his foundation raised about a $100,000  to donate to flint to help out with the crisis. He also explains how his own mother was too affected by the lead poisoning having to use homeopathic and holistic medicine to reverse symptoms.


4. His visuals are sickening!big sean


With Sean you’re not getting your typical group of shirtless guys toting dracos and AR-15s jumping and shaking their heads for three straight minutes. Behind great music lies great music videos to match. There’s nothing like a bomb ass song paired with a well thought of visual on the side. A few favorites are “Play No Games” inspired by one of the best 90’s sitcom “Martin.” Even in “Marvin & Chardonnay” it looks like Sean took a page out of Kanye’s book because it bares a striking resemblance of  the Hype Williams directed “Gold Digger” music video. Here are a few more to look into: “Beware”, “Paradise”, and the visuals from “TWENTY88”.

big sean


5. He made “Dark Sky Paradise”!

big sean


This reason might be a bit bias because this is my favorite album by Sean don himself. This album is solely responsible for tracks like “Deserve it”,” Paradise”, and the most famous ‘IDFWU”, which still has me at every overcrowded party I attend pointing at random people rapping word for word like they’re the ex who did me dirty. So if Big Sean was to ever read this, a huge thank you is owed.

So if you’re still sleeping check out this playlist I made with a few of his bops and if not I’m sure “I Decided” will wake you up!