Honestly, truly… It’s a known fact that Rihanna is a very influential figure in the fashion industry. Her fashion style has always played a big role in her success, to the point where Puma gave Rihanna her own line, Fenty x Puma. Most of it is due to the fact that she isn’t afraid to change her look, and she maintains that title with her grace, versatility, and confidence. She set so many trends this year that it’s gotten to the point where we can immediately point out if another celebrity was inspired by her. I gathered the top seven trends and looks for those who don’t have a clue!

1. Denim over Denim

If you ever wondered where the over-the-shoulder opened jean jacket paired with the jean skirt look came from, look no other way than from the picture above. Because of her,  we were introduced a new way of wearing our jean jacket by itself without us having to wear a shirt or bra under it.

rihanna denim

2. Skirts over Shirts

One of the most iconic looks she gave us this year was her short mini-jean skirt over a large striped button-up blouse paired with her blue Vetements. Immediately after, fans acted out on their admiration by trying out the look for themselves, but Twitter clearly wasn’t having it with these Rih wanna-bes. I guess it’s only a look she can pull.


3. Larger than Life Coats

We all remember when Rihanna walked the streets of New York earlier last month in a large bright red YSL heart-shaped coat with her matching red lip. It didn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for it to make sense either, because we fell in love with this look either way.

getty images

4. The Infamous Durag

When it comes to award shows, Rihanna never fails to amaze us with her choice of hairstyles. This year she had everyone shooked when she decided to wear a glamorous netted durag designed by Moses Gauntlett at the VMA’S during her second performance. Her second time transforming what most black girls know as a going-to-bed hair routine into an actual look that you can wear in public, the first being the time she rocked pinned wrapped up hair style at the VMA's in 2013.

5. Fishnet Tings

Another notable look she had during the VMA’S were her high-waisted fish net stockings underneath her pants. It didn't take that long afterwards for many fashionistas and celebrities to be inspired and follow her footsteps. A perfect example was when Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram picture showing how even she accessorized with them during the Paris Fashion Week. Although Kim got a lot of appraisal on that post, we all knew the aesthetic was Rih-spired.


6. Satin Lover

This bad girl loves her some satin, and it’s no surprise that she comes to mind when we think of wearing anything satin.  She’s been photographed numerous out in the streets in her satin slip dresses this year, and even her most recent fashion show for Paris Fashion Week was loaded in satin corsets, jackets, coats, dresses and shirts!

rihanna satin

7. Vetement's are a Rih's Best Friend!

In this picture above with her best friend, you might have noticed she always wears these socky-looking type of heels. These shoes are called Vetements! She started wearing them earlier this year, and ever since then it’s become a staple part of her wardrobe. Because their price of the shoes starts from $1,000 USD, it’s not exactly affordable for all of her fans to her follow in her footsteps, so they tend to buy from cheaper brands like Public Desire and Ego Official that have shoes similar in appearance.

rihanna vetements