World Mental Health Day was on October 10, and a topic that usually isn’t heavily discussed within the black community to the forefront. Why doesn’t black mental health seem to be discussed or even matter?

In March 2016, 21-year-old singer, Kehlani, attempted to commit suicide after rumors started heavily circulating that she cheated on boyfriend at the time Kyrie Irving with her singer ex-boyfriend, PartyNextDoor.

She wrote on Instagram quickly before deleting:

mental health
black mental health

“Today I wanted to leave this earth. Being completely selfish for once. Never thought I’d get to such a low point. But… Don’t believe the blogs you read… No one was cheated on and I’m not a bad person…. Everyone is hurt and everyone is in a place of misunderstanding… But as of today, I had no single wish to see tomorrow… But God saved me for a reason, and for that… I must be grateful… Cuz I’m not in heave right now for a reason… On that note... Bye Instagram."

People on social media quickly started to create their own narratives and questioned whether the singer faked a suicide attempt due to the embarrassment she may have face in light of the cheating rumors.  I know right? Disgusting.

Recently, after lashing out Kanye West and Drake on social media and allegedly causing the mother of his child to file an emergency order of protection, rapper Kid Cudi posted a message via Facebook saying “I am not at peace” and also said he “didn’t know what peace felt like.” After these troubling messages, he revealed that he was checking himself into rehab due to his battle with depression and suicidal drugs. 

kid cudi

And again, the social response left a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering when? What? And why? Why is he depressed when he has millions of dollars? Way more than I have? What is there to be depressed about? Again. Disgusting.

These narratives and the comments received from both alone lets you know that we as a community have a problem. It is time that we start taking the topic of mental health way more seriously and start to become supporters and encouragers of one another. I mean, what’s the harm? A simple “I was thinking about you today. I love you and I’m always here for you” message could brighten their day. And perhaps even save a life.

Black Man. Black Woman. Your Mental Health Matters.