October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Annually I wait with anticipation for this month due to all the charity work and fund raisers thrown in honor of breast cancer. Each year I tend to participate in the same fund raisers and volunteer with different charity organizations but this year I was hoping it could be a change. I thought it would be great if someone can think out of the box when it come later to organizing an event benefiting breast cancer awareness. Well you tend to get what you ask for, right?

This year I was invite to attend a breast cancer awareness event for the Tyga B 4 Breast Cancer Foundation collaborated with a particular individual to raise money for the cause. The  lovely Sapphire contacted me a week prior of the event to help assist and attend the function. Sapphire seemed passionate about the cause and delighted to be hosting the event. I was ready and prepared to attend a usual breast cancer awareness event raising money for the cancer. Did I mention Sapphire was wanting to host the event at King of Diamonds? Yes the infamous KOD. Not only did she want to host the event there but she was a entertainer at the popular club as well. The entire theme of the event was “Saving the Titties with Titties”; I definitely thought this was genius. When I read about the heart felt story of Brittania’s (founder of the foundation) own battle with breast cancer at just 25 years old and how she overcame it was emotionally breathtaking. I was immediately inspired. I jumped at the chance to join the media team and promote the event. Sapphire’s idea was amazingly innovative, who would think to host a charity foundation event at the most infamous strip club in South Florida.
The night had come and gone with a successful turnout for the event. It was interesting to see many strippers in the building wearing pink while twirling around ten foot poles all in the name of
breast cancer. Sapphire raised a reasonable sum for the Tyga B 4 Breast Cancer Foundation that night at KOD. It was such a great act of philanthropy in a unconditional way and I was all for  her actions. Many others should follow in the lead of “the scholarly stripper”, she used her connections and resources to raise money for a cause supporting women during their battle with cancer. What an ironic idea to host a breast cancer awareness fundraising event at a strip club, it was great. The perfect display of strong women supporting and uplifting other strong women.