Looking at the landscape of this year's race for the White House, none of the popular two-party candidates has attracted my vote or me. Looking at the RNC was a mixture of the Salem Witch Trials of Hillary Clinton, along with someone who didn't put Melania Trump’s speech on turnitin.com. Looking at the DNC was a mixture of a real life episode of Scandal, along with using any person who has been the subject of Trump’s bigotry a political pawn in the game of Chess to the White House. None of the conventions, the speeches, or even political commentary has encouraged me to take them to the polls with me in November.    

Now, when you read this, you probably want to know what fell down on my head to not even have the decision to vote in November. As a Black Millennial that is in a time where racism is not dead, but only recorded and uploaded, I believe that both candidates have failed to reach me in what seems to be a pertinent issue in America; policing and the Criminal Justice System's approach.


The America that we live in was built upon the blood, sweat, tears, and bodies of Black people. The origins of Capitalism in America was successful because of the labor Black people placed. So don't come at me about the fact we need to focus on voting your conscience according to your political narrative. Voting my conscience means not voting the problematic two party system some people are forced to deal with.

I always wonder why Twitter can be free sometimes, considering the wealth of knowledge that I see with Black Activists and Intellectuals who give insight to a young Black Millennial concerning options in November. I realized that I don’t have to carry the burden of voting either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in November. The Green Party’s nominees, Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka are running for the White House. The Libertarian Party's candidate, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are also running for the White House. The World Worker’s Party has a Black woman running for President, and her name is Monica Moorehead. All of these options make me less burdened to vote along a two party system that does not attract my vision for a better America, and more comfortable with voting the candidate that has a vision for meeting the need of racial justice across all facets.

green party

Now, at the end of the day, we know that lobbyists, super PACs, and mainstream media will continue to feed into the development of the race to November with both Clinton and Trump. However, as a Black Millenial, you don’t have to be confused with whether or not picking the lesser of two evils. You have options to vote your conscience, and research the platform the Third-Party candidates have to offer. Even if they do not win, you can be assured if you are in the same place as I am right now, you don’t have to be pressured into voting for a candidate that you are not comfortable with, and vote for them in November.

Reading is fundamental. Do the inner work, and vote for who you believe will stand with you beyond November.