‘Tis the season to be cuffed, falalalalalala!

The holidays are just around the corner which means colder weather, hot cocoa, excessive shopping and endless amounts of food and family gatherings. This is the time of year where the summer adventures of partying and being single are starting to wither away. Now that winter is approaching, society is obsessed with finding a significant other to share their precious holiday moments with. I do know that many of us have serious questions on how to pick the right cuddle buddy to snuggle with underneath a warm blanket and binge watch every Christmas movie with. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to have a successful and joy-filled cuffing season! Welcome to Cuffing Season 101! 

cuffing season

DO Make your dates rememberable, but keep it simple. Most people find the joy of the simple things in life, as long as you’re putting a smile on that special someone’s face , you’re playing all your cards right! So even though you’re setting up a date just to have a walk in the park and getting pizza, you can make it a great time by just simply showing your full interest in that person you’re with.

DON'T rush anything! People who tend to rush in relationships end up having more disagreements and arguments which causes the relationship to spiral downward.  Just take it easy, and go with the flow it is much more rewarding in the end.

DO be confident! Confidence is the sexiest trait that a person can have. You’re confidence level can improve your experiences with trying to find your significant other, but make sure your confidence does not turn into arrogance. So, push the shy card out of the way and put on your confidence mask, it will make everything much easier!


DON'T be annoying and over excessive! Being too clingy is a turn off for most people and ruins the experience of trying to get to know your significant other.  Showing some concern can be a good thing but definitely do not take it over the top to the point where it’s crazy and creepy!

DO communicate with the person you’re interested in throughout the day, keep the spark going! People love to be recognized and remembered, communication is key.

DON'T be so concerned about social media. Many people that go on social media put on a front and change their identity because they’re ashamed of the way they really are in reality. Be careful when you  try to meet new people online, there’s a lot of strange individuals out there and you want to make sure you’re spending your cuffing season with the right person.


All in all, cuffing season is definitely a priority for a majority of people in this society, especially young adults, to be able to share the holidays with someone special. Just remember, don’t go out there trying to cuff anyone and everyone, it’s all about taking your time to find someone who is worth the Holiday’s being spent with and maybe for a long term relationship as well!