If you got an eye for beautiful sights, love for fashion and culture, and want to experience some BLACK GIRL MAGIC, you need to make sure you follow Solange’s Instagram page. Solange isn’t the type to blow up your feed with superficial selfies, provocative bikini pics, and typical gym routine videos like most celebrities. Her Instagram is actually a work of art! Because her page is so different, the angles she uses, and her color choices, everything about her seems so outside the norm yet so normal for her. I rounded up the top five reasons you need to make sure to add Solange (@saintrecords) to your Instagram feed!

1. She’s An Iconic Spirit Animal!

She does whatever she feels like and what most of us would be too scared to pull off (including playing dress-up with household items). Who else can make dressing up in a bunch of dry cleaning bags or making a dress out of purple yarn look as poise as she does? Not me for sure!


2. She’s the Queen of Chic and Monochromatic looks!

Solange has always been known for her staple monochromatic looks. From when she broke the Internet with her all white-themed wedding to her bright all- yellow ensemble at the Met Gala, her Instagram feed showcases off even more looks! She often shows her eccentric style through photos that speak for themselves.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 11.44.39 AM

3. The places she goes to look straight out of a travel magazine. 

Solange is always on the move! Whether she’s in or out of the country in Havana, Cuba, Yucatan, Mexico, or in the White Sands of New Mexico, she truly knows how to capture the details of all these engaging locations.


4. She’s all for her Black Folks.

In the picture she posted of Nina Simone above, she notes “the world loves black folks to make art about being black. Really dislikes black folks to talk about being black… It’s profitable to be black and share your black stories to entertain, but not profitable to talk about your black experience.” The post speaks for all of us considering the growing issue of cultural appropriation.


5. A Seat At The Table!

She hinted that she has something special cooking up for us when she posted a screen capturing of her website and telling her followers “86 of you will receive a seat at the table in the mail….first come….first served….www.solangemusic.com” and to stay tuned for more. Then she builds upon the mystery by posting more pictures that gives off a vintage and dreamy vibe. To no surprise, Solange has dropped her third album, “A Seat At the Table” with features from Kelly Rowland, Lil’ Wayne and more! With 21 sweet and soulful tracks, Solange continues to bless us with her black girl magic.


So tell me again why you don’t have @saintrecords on your feed? You’re clearly missing out!