1. of, from, or like God or a god. | 2. Excellent or Delightful 

Divine Clothing Co. is a Florida-based creative lifestyle brand that focuses on consumer satisfaction and delivering quality products to today's young creatives. Check out what Divine Founder, Shaquille Hobbs, had to say about the dope brand below! 


Q: How would you describe Divine Clothing? Where does the name come from?

A: We would describe Divine as a creative lifestyle brand. Every decision made from videos, pictures, products, etc. is all done with some sort of creative process/thinking. With the types of definitions that come from the word "divine", we felt like we should create a quality brand as close to excellence and godliness as we can.

Q: What sets your brand apart from others?

A: What sets us apart from about every other clothing brand nowadays is our attention to detail, our quality products and our consumer appreciation. These are things we pride ourselves in; from hand written thank you cards and boxes that come standard with all of our garments, to our made-to-order hand stitched apparel and not whole sale items that a lot of other brands use. We sell our consumers an experience, not just a product. When they open that box and see the pin, thank you card and whatever items they purchased, we want them to feel the same joy they would opening a Christmas present.

divine clothing

Q: Fashion vs. Personal Style. Pick one and why.

A: Personal style over fashion any day; reason being personal style is something you create. It gives you a chance to stand out and be yourself. Style is all about dressing how you feel. Your outfit choices are usually based off emotion. Fashion tends to be trend-oriented and depends on what everyone else is wearing or doing. That’s not we represent. We represent personal style, creativity and living outside the lines and doing what you feel is right.

Q: Can you elaborate on your “From One Creative To Another” slogan? What's your creative process? 

A:  From One Creative To Another means exactly what it says. We are delivering products as creatives to other creative people, who will appreciate everything that goes into making each item.  We felt like everything ties into each other. We were made in the image of a creator so we are all creative; some of us just haven’t tapped into our abilities (dancing, singing, drawing, etc.) My creative process really comes in spurts. We don’t like to just sit down all at one time and think about ideas we feel as that isn’t organic. We get our ideas for new designs, photo shoots, videos, clothes, etc.  from everyday life. Something we do, see or read in our daily life could spark an idea in so many ways which then translates to our brand. 

divine clothing
divine clothing

Expect more dope designs and apparel from Divine Clothing soon. The brand seeks to touch more people with their story and continue to grow their fan base. 

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