We’re back with another #FreshFriday fashion feature! And for this one, The Urban Play caught up with South Florida designer Kurt Gomes, the founder and CEO of Very Rare Brand. We shot a quick little video and did a Q and A. Keep reading below to find out how Gomes got started and even some of his personal style tips.

When did you start designing clothes?

“I started designing clothes maybe about two years ago. I used to model actually for a lot of local brands. So I was just doing the modeling thing and I thought that I could do it myself as far as designing. If I could make my own clothes and model my own clothes, then it would be like a win-win.”

Where did you get the idea for your first design?

“My idea for my first design was just like a play on words. That was the No Fucks Given design. It was just a play on the brands because some people can’t really afford to buy Givenchy shirts and Chanel designs.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 2.46.14 PM

What’s the best and worst part about being a designer?

“My favorite part about being a designer is that I can set the trend instead of follow the trend, and I can just do my own thing. It’s dope to have a bunch of your own clothes, like I can wear my clothes everyday of the week. The hard part for me is that I do everything myself . I do all the designing, the sizing, the measurements, picking the material, picking the price, negotiating with the manufacturer, sending out the emails, all that stuff. It’s overwhelming sometimes but its worth it.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 2.46.32 PMWhere did the name ‘Beacoup’ come from?

“There was this Lil Wayne documentary I watched a long time ago. And he used to always say like “bookoo this, bookoo that.” I looked up what it meant, and it just means “to have a lot of” or “an abundance of” and I just thought damn that’s a cool way of saying that. So I just took that word and decided to put swag at the end and that was it… Bookoo swag.”


How would you describe your own personal style?

“I don’t know if I could say that I have my own personal style. It just depends on how I feel. I guess thats the cool thing with fashion, however you wake up feel thats just how you play out the day. It can depends on the weather or where you’re going. I don’t feel like I dress like everyone else, I just wear whatever I wanna wear, and be fly.”


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