Lucinda Cross’ success story is a great example of the power of visualizing and then manifesting your dreams. Seen on Centric TV’s "Queen Boss", Lucinda is the Founder of Activate WorldWide Inc., an Amazon best-selling author who’s passionate about teaching entrepreneurial women, millennials and at-risk youth the foundations of living an extraordinary life against all odds. I had the opportunity to chat with this amazing woman and get insight to her life and advice for aspiring black women entrepreneurs.

Q: What is your company/movement about?

Lucinda: A lot of women had a great product but struggled to get it known. Activate Worldwide helps brands and individuals to become marketable and helps them turn their brand into a message and a movement. The movement started small but grew into something so impactful we now have our own Activate Conference!

Q: How will vision boards impact black entrepreneurs and help them expand their business?

Lucinda: The vision board represents a visual blueprint and helps you see and determine where you need to implement a team and the type of clientele you want to have. It helps us stay focused and motivated and provides a visual of what’s next and helps define our ‘laser focused goals.’ It also helps us to stay dedicated and committed to the vision. The vision board allows you to display more of your passions, including motivating words versus a twenty-page business plan.

lucinda cross

Q: What advice can you give to aspiring black women entrepreneurs?

Lucinda: To think about collaborating more than competing. We cannot compare our passion and purpose with those of someone else’s. We want to allow aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to be great right where they are and be willing to stand next to greatness without having a measuring stick.

Q: How do your programs specifically target women?

Lucinda: The women that I connect with is purely through authenticity. I hear a lot of myself and I help them pull a lot of themselves out as well. Our programs are catered to women because they’re designed to be vulnerable and nurture women along the process. It is also designed to help focus on the strength of a woman and pull those strengths out versus focusing on their weaknesses. Our programs encourage women to hustle harder, to think bigger and to go beyond the surface level.

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Q: When did you realize you had to make a change and go for your dreams?

Lucinda: Two years into a four-and-a-half-year sentence for transporting drugs, I started doing motivational presentations and vision boarding right on the camp grounds. Once I created a vision board, it gave me life. It was a vision journal and I said, “Who is Lucinda going to be?”

When I was in the half-way house it was discouraging to me because most of the women that I was around, were complaining about how much they hated life. It was like they were incarcerating themselves voluntarily. I asked myself, “How can I help these women to get to a happy place?” Activate was birthed from seeing a lack of mentorship. If you can’t find it then become it. If it’s not out there, then you can create it; and that’s exactly what I did.

Q: What can attendees expect from this year's Activate Conference?

Lucinda: This year’s theme is ‘Winning’ and it focuses on activating diversity. The purpose is to bridge the gap and talk about diversity and inclusion in media, the corporate space and the business world. Our partners include HSN, who will be doing an exclusive product search.

Q: How do you define “urban”?

Lucinda: When I define urban, I see such rich culture and authenticity. I see the roots of the matter and the root of life. We don’t ask for permission, it’s a ‘sorry not sorry’ community.

lucinda cross

Lucinda is currently looking to build a half-way house and is preparing for her fifth and final Activate Conference taking place September 15-17 at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami.

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