Meet Joshua and Sarah, voices of Boca Raton’s hottest up-and-coming duo New Children! The New Children contribute to a new genre South Florida has yet to experience! With the unconventional pairing of R&B and the keyboard synth influences, they definitely add something new to the game. Sarah and Joshua’s vocals also make for an unexpected combination that balance each other out. We got the chance to interview the free-spirited eccentric pair and figure out their inspirations, goals, and more! Check it out below!

Q: Do you guys have a background in music?

Sarah: We both play piano. Personally, I’ve been playing piano my whole life, started in kindergarten and then started training classical piano in the seventh grade.

Q: What do you guys consider to be your musical style?

Sarah: I would say our style is smooth. It's definitely R&B with a little dash of pop.

Q: What does music mean to you?

Sarah: Music means everything to me. I sometimes cry about it at night. Music is like love to me. All the different emotions, feelings, and mind control is crazy.

Q: Where are your lyrics inspired from?

Joshua: Our lyrics come from a sense of personal bonding, collectively, and maturing and understanding from the things we observe around us.

Q: Give us an example of a situation that ever inspired you.

Joshua: There was a point where we were in this really exalted mood because of all the music we had made. There was this salon that was right next to Boca’s Best Pizza Inn with a poster of a woman with the words that said blow me or hurt me. Blow me a kiss of a curtain falling down. Basically she wanted you to robe off. The point is the whole world started becoming our music personified and circumstanced. If that makes sense.

Q: Describe your relationship.

Sarah: Our relationship is pretty dope. We hang out a lot. We drive around a lot. We write music while we drive around a lot. We sort of have a brother and sister type relationship.

Joshua: Yeah like that. Sometimes a husband and wife relationship and then we also have a mother-son like relationship all at the same time.

Q: What is a goal New Children wants to accomplish?

Sarah: We want everyone to hear our music and one day be a household name.

Q: Anything else you guys want everyone to know?

Both: Look out for our new Ocean Love EP coming out soon!

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