It’s no surprise that more than half of the men that choose to pursue a career in the beauty and fashion industry usually tend to be very flamboyant and feminine. Seeing a bearded man walking downtown in the streets face full of contour, highlight, and lipstick in 2016 is not something most of us are surprised to see anymore. Men have made their mark in the beauty world (Gay men if we want to be more specific)! Consider the fact that CoverGirl cosmetics recently presented their first ever male spokesmodel, 17-year old YouTube Star, James Charles after 55 years of the company being around! This goes to show that things have definitely changed!

But how often do we see a talented STRAIGHT guy making it big in this industry? The likelihood is very rare.



Meet Anthony Elliot, also known as Anthony Cuts, who is a Virginia-based hairstylist and makeup artist who rose to fame when videos of his work and clients went viral on social media. He’s worked with many celebrities and socialites such as stars from reality TV show Bad Girls Club’s Natalie Nunn and Sarah Oliver, Lil Mama, and many more. If you remember when Joanne the Scammer went from looking raggedy to looking like actual money, that was ALL Anthony!

anthony cuts

So we all know he’s the go-to if you want to have the MOST natural looking lace-frontal and the most simple but beat glam to compliment it right after.

However....what many people didn’t expect about Mr. Cuts is that he is not the typical cliché male hairstylist you regularly see on the media. He actually has a wife, and three children he takes care of. He also shows that he is still true to his masculinity due to the fact he maintains a very athletic physique and never really wears makeup himself.

joanne the scammer

Now compare Anthony Elliot to James Charles: two very different men paving different paths in the beauty world. Charles has inspired so many male teens to pursue their dreams and not let their sex interfere with making it big in a world dominated by women. Anthony Elliot is doing the same thing but with a different audience!

Although, it’s noted that he is true to his masculinity, he also shows us that he doesn’t necessarily have to cling on to it either. And men clinging on to their masculinity has always been an issue that’s barely acknowledged. They don’t do certain things out of fear of being called a fag, pussy, punk, or homo. But should that fear get in the way of the talents and potential they never fully get to explore?

anthony cuts

Think of how many guys you know that could be so good at doing hair and makeup if it was a norm society expected. Chances are a lot! When it comes to us women, we have learned there is nothing a man can do that we can’t do. So I expect it be the same for men. 

As a fan, I believe Anthony is definitely breaking those boundaries! He’s very good at what he does, and I personally believe the women actually love him more for him doing so. With 1.4 million followers on Instagram and more than a quarter million followers on Facebook, you can definitely say he’s popping!