Meet Millennial Mogul Ariel Adams, the Founder and CEO of The Lotus Agency. We spoke with this young lady on the challenges she faces as a young female entrepreneur, how she started her management company, and her advice for other millennial entrepreneurs. Check it out below!


For those who don’t know who you are, tell us more about yourself.

My name is Ariel Adams and I’m an entrepreneur in the music business industry. I was born and raised in a small town named Waldorf, MD. I moved to South Florida for high school and have been in the area ever since. I
recently graduated from UM with a BA in entrepreneurship and marketing. Once I graduated, I decided to start a management company,
The Lotus Agency.

How long have you been involved in the music industry?

I’ve been involved for the past 3 years. I used to do videography/photography, then I moved into throwing shows and tours, and now I’m into management.

So how exactly did The Lotus Agency come about?

My boyfriend OYABUN got me into management. I started out helping him with his endeavors as an artist and it developed into a passion. I’ve already been studying business, so it made sense to actually start one once I graduated.

What services does Lotus provide?

Right now we offer artist development, brand management for clients, and PR services. The goal is to break the artist out into the mainstream market. That’s our purpose.

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What artists are you working with right now?

I currently manage two artists, OYABUN & Enrich. OYABUN has a very unique sound, a combination of modern day r&b, hiphop, and reggae. Enrich has more of an electro-influenced r&b sound with of course
hip-hop influence. Both on the verge of breaking out.

And what type of people is Lotus looking to work with in the future?

In terms of clients, Lotus is looking for people they believe can be big with the proper resources. If I believe in your talents, I will stop at nothing to help see your dreams come true. In terms of people to work with, Lotus is actually going to be looking for interns/assistants in the very near future. We’ll need dedicated people with in-depth knowledge of the industry. I like to surround myself by people just as excited to work as I am. Motivation and
expertise is what will drive the company forward.

Sounds dope! What else can we expect to see from Lotus?

Expect to see more visuals from both artists. Music videos, photoshoots, etc. I want my clients to be a face you’re familiar with. Then of course more music releases and performances!

ariel adams lotus agencyAs a young female entrepreneur, what types of challenges do you face?

There are definitely challenges with being young, being female, and then being an entrepreneur. Being young means I am still learning and growing everyday. I’m bound to make mistakes, but I just make sure to learn the lessons from them. Being female is it’s own battle at times. The industry I’m in is still male-dominated. I feel like I have to prove myself as a woman and gain respect. Being an entrepreneur just means having to constantly deal with uncertainties. Meaning, nothing will happen unless I make things happen. Nothing is guaranteed from this route I’m on. I like that I have all the responsibility, but at the same time it’s a heavy burden. It can be stressful.

Do you have any advice for other young millennial entrepreneurs trying to start their own brand/company?

My advice would be to make sure you do your research before building a company. There is a lot that goes into being an entrepreneur. You have to know your field, know how to manage people, have good leadership skills, and so forth. The best thing I could say is be resourceful as well. Network, network, network. Learn, learn, learn.

How can new upcoming artists, models, musicians, get in contact with you?

Email is the best way to reach me. I also pay attention to social media so you can follow me @ohwellariel on Twitter, @ohwellariel on Instagram.


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