It takes a certain type of woman to counsel and help bring acceptance to victims who have endured traumatic experiences. And not just any woman, but a powerful woman.

Nakia Austin conducts her own Life Coaching and Counseling services at Nakia Austin Coaching and Inspirations, LLC. Among having her own business, she is a wife, mother, youth worker and mentor, minister  and woman’s advocate.

She strives to “empower with every encounter.”

Nakia has a vibrant spirit like no other. Once I heard her ask a question pertaining to her business at the Flourish Media Conference in Miami, I knew we would be friends before we even formally met. Learn more about her inspiring story below! 

“My mission is to give the world a message of hope and help people heal.”

Dallas: Tell us more about your company.

Nakia: Initially I was doing a lot of holistic coaching and focused a lot on advancing people with their careers and relationships. But, my heart and passion is in trauma, so recently my focus has shifted to trauma recovery coaching. I work with trauma survivors and I help them in their path to healing and recovery, so their past won’t interfere with their future. Anything from rape, sexual assault to child abuse to infertility or divorce. Any traumas that someone would consider a difficult moment in their life and it has been hard for them to emotionally process and overcome, that’s who I work with now. Moving forward, I will continue to dive deeper into the trauma arena. It stems from a traumatic experience that I went through which led me to do more research. I want to be able to help people in ways that I wasn’t helped or supported. I felt like I was running from my calling because I knew trauma should’ve been my niche all along. This is where I should’ve started in the first place. I had an “aha” moment and realized that this is what I should be doing.

D: How do you connect with your clients? Do you share your story with them?

N: I do. I am a speaker as well, I travel to a lot of different children advocacy, women’s rights, social issues, and domestic violence conferences. I am very transparent with my story because I felt like I didn’t have anyone to connect with, when I was going through a tough situation. 70% of all adults in America have experienced a trauma in their lifetime but the people who use to council me never shared their problem and it felt like they couldn’t relate. My approach is very different; I am very hands-on and share a lot of what I went through during my own traumatic experience to help bring someone out of theirs.

Nakia Austin Life Coach

D: What traumatic experience did you endure that led you to your career?

N: My trauma was, when I was in my early 20’s I married a guy, who was legit crazy but I didn’t know it at the time. I had a child from a previous relationship then he and I had a child together. Long story short, he was secretly abusing the boys. It resulted in the death of our three-month-old son. I asked myself, how do you use this? Being able to go out and tell my story and meet people who have similar stories and struggles is how I overcame it. It makes me feel like my baby’s life was not in vein. Even though he was only here for such a short period of time, it’s making a huge impact in the world. It may seem small scale right now but every time I grace the stage and share my testimony, I feel like it was worth it.

“I am all about transformation not information.”

D: How do your coaching services impact your clients?

N: When you work with me, I am all about transformation not information. I want to see transformation in your life probably more than you do. It’s important that the people who come to me are ready for transformation and not just a “feel-good” conversation or a few new affirmations. I want to work with people who are ready to change.

Nakia Austin Life Coach

D: What is the difference between your counseling and coaching services?

N: Counseling focuses on the past. We spend our time working through your past issues. Coaching is very future focused. My goal is to be your bridge, I’m going to get you from where you are to where you want to be. My job is to give you tools, tips, and various resources to move you forward rather than focusing on the past.

“After trauma, when you stay in your past, you’re a victim. When you start moving forward, you’re a survivor.”

D: What advice can you give to aspiring leaders in your field?

N: Know your niche like the back of your hand. My coach says, “If you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one.” Find out who you want to work with and who you have a passion for, then you can really set the world on fire. Hone your craft and continue to learn because you never stop learning. You stop learning when you die.

“My life may not have been perfect but my legacy will be powerful.”

nakia austin life coach

Nakia sets the bar high with her remarkable ability to connect with and uplift survivors. She continues to study her niche and be an inspiration to all women. Her e-course will launch in April. Join Nakia’s Facebook group, I Survived on Purpose! Download Nakia’s App on  iOS and Google Play: It’s 365 days of inspiration, motivation, and education… Designed for Trauma Survivors to move deeper in their healing journey!

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