With mumble rap over-saturating the genre of hip-hop today, it’s quite refreshing to hear an album opposite of that narrative. Friday, Florida native Sylvan LaCue dropped his latest album “Apologies in Advance”. The  project contains 20 songs in whole, 9 of which are interludes. Beside the songs being powerful, the interludes play a big part in the project’s message. I’m not talking about those pesky interludes you want to skip over either.The theme of the album resembles an AA meeting addressing issues many are too ashamed to share. Each interlude has a meaning, and a message hitting hard at the universal struggles of confidence, acceptance and an overall desire to do better. These interludes open up serious and necessary discussions reminding me of Kendrick Lamar’s “Section.80” and “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill”. Favorites on the album include, ‘’Best Me”, “Empathy” and “Grateful”. You can tell there was a lot of effort and time placed into making this project that should definitely not be overlooked.

No apologies needed, Sylvan. Thanks for dropping this gem.

Stream “Apologies in Advance” below!