I was given the opportunity to meet a very talented artist from Delray Beach, Florida. McKinson is an artist who is passionate about painting unique figurines of people of color, while also being a filmmaker, a teacher, and a football coach. I was curious to find out about his journey to the art industry and most of all, his inspiration behind it all.

Q: What are a few things that are unique about your art work and what inspires you?

A: I combine two different worlds: animation and film. I believe painting figurines gives me a chance to practice shapes and that sets my work apart from others.

My wise mother once told me to never see in myself what other people see in me.


Q: How long have you been doing art and what initially inspired you to start painting?

A: As a child, I would see commercials for toys on TV and instead of asking my mother to buy them, I drew the toys I saw and played with them as paper toys.

Q: How have your creations impacted your life?

A: It makes me feel good to make people feel. At art shows, where my work is featured, I usually go around the room to listen to people’s opinions about my work and I’d ask them, “What do you think about this piece.” People usually gave me a weird look or tell me how much they like the piece, not knowing who I was and then I’d introduce myself.

Q: Do you see this as a career or as a hobby that you are passionate about?

A: I plan to go with the flow of where my art work takes me. Whatever happens… happens.

Q: How long does it typically take you to finish a piece?

A: A three hour limit. When I start a piece and don’t finish in that sitting, then I won’t finish it. At times I have to separate myself because I’ll forget to eat.

Q: Who are the women that you paint and why do you paint mostly women?

A: Sometimes they are either a Facebook or Instagram friend. I usually tell the women after because when I tell them before there’s pressure, but they still get pretty excited.

I like a challenge and I find that in painting women. Women are different to paint; their shoes, make-up, shape, hairstyle and eyebrows. Painting men is simple.

Mckinson’s work has been featured in Amber Rose Slut Walk 2016, Art Basel 2016, college art events, outdoor art shows in South Florida, his first solo exhibition at Delray Beach’s Art Garage in 2016, and he is in the process of planning his second solo exhibition which will be held later this year.

To purchase Mckinson's work visit: mckinskin.com

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