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College is often a time where most are searching for their purpose while taking courses, keeping a budget and holding one or two jobs. When can you find the time to create your own business? Two young ladies of Florida International University found a way to make their business work as college students. Meet Ashley Andrews, 21, and Dorie Cross, 21, Co-Founders of The Urban Play, a Miami-based media platform focused on showcasing the best of urban talent and lifestyle in South Florida.

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Founded in 2015, The Urban Play is a Miami-based media platform looking to change the urban landscape in South Florida by showcasing the best of urban talent, lifestyle, and all forms of art. The dynamic duo of Ashley Andrews and Dorie Cross are the brains behind it all. Dorie is an adventurous and creative free-spirit born in Barbados to Jamaican parents. Ashley is an aspiring journalist born and raised right here in Miami. Take some time to get in depth with the ladies that will redefine what it means to be "urban."