Girls Love Cookies? Don’t mind if I do.

Last Saturday, South Florida’s very own and our favorite Sam Stan just dropped his latest EP: “Girls Love Cookies”. In a city where rappers typically base their music rapping about the superficials, Sam Stan is freshening up the air and definitely creating his own lane with ‘happy raps’. Track after track, Sam’s use of fun lyricism, authentic beats, and cool collabs has all of his fans raving for more.

To get the happy vibes flowing, Sam Stan starts off with new fan favorite “Das Boo”. If Super Mario rapped and ever wrote Princess Peach a love song, this is definitely what it would sound like. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where the beats were sampled from because video game beats in hip hop is nothing new. It was a wave made around the Puff Daddy era.

Followed by the second track on the EP which happens to be the anthem of all things “happy raps” and one of Sam’s most relatable singles: ”Coffee For Two”. Like Sam, most guys can relate to wanting the ideal girl to chill with, grow with and vibe with. In Sam’s case, a girl he might occasionally want go to Starbucks with.

For someone like me who still likes to tweet song lyrics in 2017, “Wing It” featuring Louie Free is definitely the most quotable song on the project. This track’s lyricism and catchy beats make for the perfect duo. We love the irony and the humor.   

“I should probably go vegan but I’m probably gonna wing it”.

He then smoothly transitions to his ending track “RD4”, which happens to be my personal favorite. “RD4” changes the vibe of the EP from day to night with the help of Caleb Cruise’s sly vocals. This is the perfect song to play during that late night parked car cake sesh with bae. The only fault of the 4-track EP is it that it leaves us wanting for more. We do love cookies after all!

Girls Love Cookies is available now on iTunes!

Stream it on Spotify below!