This phrase “Stay Woke” has been the key phrase for the urban – black community in 2016. Everyone is beginning to rediscover their roots and trying to understand who we are as Black Americans.

Are people truly interested to reconnect with our African Roots?

It seems the rebooted black revolution or “Stay Woke” era is just as I stated an era. It’s the popular movement to be a part of just to gain social acceptance. This year we have noticed how much of an influence social media has on specific moments in turn become viral sensations due to flood of posts promoting heavy influence.

This new era has become the new viral fad that millennials are jumping on the bandwagon just to up their popularity on all social media platforms. Now there is no issue with speaking and showcasing your heritage on the internet but are we understanding the true significance behind the knowledge and reason for the acknowledgement.

stay woke

Being on the receiving end of the positive propaganda is the most amazing part witnessing this experience.

So many creatives have been doing their part expressing their feelings about the new era. Overtime we have so many products, art and music helping to set the light on the empowerment for the black community. This year many artists stepped out with music and art promoting the advancement of color people. Beyoncé, Solange, and Kendrick Lamar are few of many who became fed up and wanted to be the example for black individuals to show “I’M UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK”. Even fashion has endured the takeover, many black owned businesses has started from selling dashikis and urban logo t- shirts. We must not forget about the amazing hashtags that have taken over the internet: #BlackGirlMagic, #MelaninOnFleek, and #BlackLivesMatter. Once again I must add, are we truly interested in the positive message behind the movement? Let’s not get things twisted, understand, this is a movement that should be setting a path for a revolution.

I’m afraid my peers, the millennials, will become lost in the sauce.

It would hurt to see this movement diminish in the distance just as a No. 1 summer anthem of the year. The positive propaganda is a joy to witness, but it seems too good to be true. American societies have small attention spans which enables them to focus on one than more thing at a time. The “Stay Woke” Era can be a fad for the year of 2016 that will fade and only to be reminisced through throwback Thursday posts (#TBT). I encourage every person to keep the movement alive, let’s not allow the rediscovery of roots to be dismissed by meaningless challenges or viral hashtags having no relation to the issues of the urban - black community. Embrace this time by reading and educating our minds about our culture. Understand it is up to us to be the advancement of our culture, so it can stay popular and in demand.