Talented, eccentric, and just plain dopeness all around describes the beautiful angelic voice of FKA Twigs. Twigs, also known as Tahliah Debrett Barnett born in England, first started her journey in the entertainment industry in 2012. Not only is this unique soul a singer she also varies and participates as a song writer, record producer, director, and dancer. However, she is widely known for her music more than anything because of the way she expresses her emotions through her music in an enchanting but dark way. Here are 5 songs that every quirky, creative and urban girl need on their playlist!

5. Weak Spot- Album EP1/ 2012

In many situations with current and past relationships we will all experience that one person who will always want to be there for you. Twigs indicates that her lover has a weak spot for her and no matter how many times she tries to get rid of him, he's always finding new ways to enter her life again. Twigs knows this lover can't leave her alone which gives a sense of deep satisfaction that she has this person weak enough to keep coming back. Even though it seems messed up to want a person to be vulnerable for them, I'm pretty sure we've all had that powerfulness affect on someone in one point in life.

4. Palpi Pacify- Album EP2/ 2013

Papi Pacify is a perfect song for us women when it comes to wanting to feel loved by our partner. Twigs expresses herself in this song as a women wanting clarification from her lover that he loves her as much as she loves him. When she interprets 'pacify' throughout the whole song it represents her trying to tell her lover that she needs him to soothe the anger that she feels inside with not being loved hard enough. Ladies, I'm sure we can all relate to this.

3. Water Me- Album EP2/2013

Listening to this song gives clarification to women of all ages that there will be men out there that will try to take advantage of you and belittle you. "He told me I was so small, I told him "water me" and "I promise I can grow tall, when making love is free." This is a powerful meaning behind a women wanting her man to help her grow as a person so worthlessness is not a thought. She resembles growing tall to the point where she can overcome obstacles in the relationship and become more independent like all women should be.

2. Hide – Album LP1/2014

This song speaks volumes on the reality of heart breaking breakups. It represents choosing to move on from someone you love dearly but cannot hold on to anymore because the relationship is toxic. All females should have this song on their playlist because even though it has a sad message, it also has a positive one with the last line in her song, "I found another way, to caress my day." Meaning there are always alternatives to improve your happiness and being able to overcome and find ways to occupy time in positive ways to fill up the gaps of sadness.

1. In Time- Album M3LL155X/ 2015

This is Twigs latest hit and is an all time fan fav! This song is relatable not only to women, but men as well which specifies trying to work on a damaged relationship and growing with it as well. In the song, Twigs is desperate for a change in her lover so that they both will be in encouraging terms throughout the rest of the relationship. We all have or had that one person where so much hope and faith was established and where wishing to work on the problems of the relationship with hopefully improving positivity over time.
FKA Twigs is an artist that portrays meaningful messages into her music and is always singing her heart out. There's so much emotion involved with the flow of her music, not only with her beautiful voice, but her intriguing beats as well. There is no doubt that FKA Twigs career is going to stop here, keep on the lookout for hopefully a 2016 album coming soon! Until then, keep the weird energy going and feel the music with some of these top 5 FKA Twigs songs on your playlist!