Attending events has been my “thing” since becoming a blogger here in South Florida. Over the past year it’s been the best way to connect with black creatives and individuals in an instant. I think I can now deem myself as the “Urban Event Guru” because I try to have my presence seen at any urban event held in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. (I mean why not, I know y’all be seeing me) The best urban events tend to be consisted of great organization, amazing networking hours, informative information, and delicious hors d’oeuvres. (Now, you know I wasn’t gonna leave that out) I attended another great networking event, Thursday March 23, hosted by Black Tech Week.

Black Tech Week hosted a Office Hour Session that was tilted “Turning Your Influence into Income”. The event was held at the Venture Cafe located at the CIC; might I add is an amazing space for innovators and creatives. The venue is a great space to enjoy networking events and attend classes for education when interested in technology.

The session was a panel discussion that included three guest speakers who have obtained success and ample amounts of knowledge when having a professional career in this lovely social media industry. Lifestyle blogger and influencer Mattie James, lifestyle blogger and founder of Black Bloggers United Victoria Mason (AKA She’s Candid) and chief consumer officer of Marketites Annabel Mendez who were the guest speakers taking part in the discussion. The moderator of the discussion was food blogger and personality Starex Smith (@thehungryblackman). The panel discussion offered informative information, reassurance, and motivation to any person who has been hesitant to jumping into the social media world. The posed questions highlighted key points and facts when speaking on the pros and cons of becoming a blogger. For me the event was great, the discussion offered great points and topics I plan to use to help me focus more on my own social media platforms. Although I might add majority of the topics and comments were catered to a particular type of blogger; however, it was a great discussion for a person interested in social media.

The main takeaways from the event were: be strategic, consistent and be yourself!

I simply adore the idea of Black Tech Week and the events the organization curates to cater to an audience that feels the Technology is exclusive and not inclusive with professionals of color. It’s reassuring to constantly hear there is need for our services and companies who want the influence from our culture. After the event I realized the best thing to do is to stay proactive, be more diligent and continue to be active within the community.