There are so many 21st century, young girls, who desire to be famous on social media or classified as some sort of “baddie,” in an effort to gain attention. But style blogger, host and women empowerment enthusiast, Aminah Baptiste (a.k.a. Damn Mina) strives to encourage young women that they can be more than a pretty face but also, a woman of substance. Her vibrant taste in fashion and humble spirit sets her apart from the ordinary “girl next door.”

“I really want to show other women that you don’t have to be that Instagram girl, you can build on your own.”


damn mina

I was honored to speak with the beautiful, free-spirited, and bad a$$ hustler herself. Not only does Aminah have a large following on social media, she connects with South Florida’s elites and creatives at her weekly networking event “B.A.E. Brunch”, shares her perspective of hip hop culture on 2k Life’s “No Hook” podcast and is currently in the process of revamping her blog into a personal brand website,

“I want to portray myself as a well-rounded individual. I’m not just a pretty face.”

damn mina

On top of staying in touch with her creative side, Mina is a third-grade teacher and is working on obtaining her Master’s degree. An introvert at heart, Mina first broke out of her shell as a model for Kevin Hadden Boutique in Broward. Modeling opened so many doors for Mina, thus helping her create her own lane of event hosting.

"B.A.E. Brunch" or Brunch Amongst Elites, is one of her (as she likes to call) “passion projects.” The event is held every Sunday from 11- 4 pm and aims to cultivate meaningful relationships with creatives from various industries, showcase art, all while vibing to dope music. On theNo Hook” podcast, Mina provides a platform for up and coming local hip hop artists to showcase their talents in a personable way. Mina brings a fresh female voice to the hip-hop discussion that is often overlooked by the male-driven industry.

“I want to help and influence people, young entrepreneurs and especially black women.”

damn mina

Balancing her professional life and passion project, life can get overwhelming for Aminah at times. Time management is one of the toughest things to handle for her, as it is for most working women. Media curator Karen Civil, celebrity stylist Olori Swank, and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily Claire Sulmers are a few women Mina looks to as an inspirational guide in her creative endeavors.

“I’m open to evolving as a person.”

damn mina

Her website, which is expected to drop in late July/early August will include all things—fashion, music, beauty, lifestyle, wellness and her journey of teaching in Abu Dhabi for the next few years. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is something a lot of young people struggle with today but Mina feels that it is time for a change in her life.

“In order for me to grow and blossom into a full-fledged woman, I had to do it.”

In the next five years, Mina plans on being very successful in every aspect of her life, continue to create different passion projects and build a platform for women in the media.

"I curate dope sh!t" coming soon.