This week's WCW goes to Jade Kendle. She is one of the realest and rawest Youtubers in the game! Not only does she make an impact in the natural hair community but she seeks to connect with her followers on a personal level. She offers advice geared toward self love, relationships and finding your purpose all while encouraging her viewers to accomplish their goals. Her inspiring posts and videos will snap you right back into a go getter mindset!

Check out our top 3 videos that all urban millennial women to need to watch ASAP!

1. Story time | I was Heartbroken, Broke, and Struggling!

“This is not my life!” She shouts as she expresses how a heart break and struggle to find her purpose shaped her into the woman she is today. Her faith in God and daily journaling helped her overcome her triumphs.


2. What is social media doing to me?!

Jade is a firm believer in staying true to one’s self in order to live a more fulfilling life. Social media has almost completely brainwashed women into thinking that their natural beauty is not in style. She discusses how the media has created a “type of woman” that has to look perfect all the time. “I’m tired of being pressured,” she says passionately about her frustration to look a certain way to please others.


3. When is MY Bloom Season?? Why can't I be PERFECT?

Confidence is a topic that Jade Frequently touches on. “We are our biggest critics,” she says as she goes on to preach about how being in your bloom season doesn’t happen all year long—and that’s okay. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up about not achieving all of our goals when we want them. We must prepare and have patience for every one of our bloom seasons.

Jade Kendle uses her social media platforms to uplift and inspire women to thrive all around the world.


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