3 projects. 2 albums. 1 hero. The “All-Amerikkkan Badass“. What is the ‘All-Amerikkkan Badass‘? Who does it represent? New York’s finest, Joey Badass has brought us his 2nd album, where he confronts todays social & political issues to his own personal issues. A recurring theme of the album being freedom. Almost a sonic diary of sorts. The album starts as if the day has just started, and Joey’s a professor, talking to his listeners about the political atmosphere.

The album’s lead single, “Land of The Free” could be the Obama’s administration theme song. He adds a spiritual essence to the single, showing that his mission on this Earth is a divine one. With all the spiritual references, Joey never falls into a “preachy” tone. His 2nd single, “Devastated”, marks a turn in the album from politics to personal. On “Devastated”, Joey faces his problems of self-doubt and the fear of not making music up to the potential everyone expects from him. Dealing with the deaths of two key Pro Era members (Capital Steez & Junior B) over the past few years haven’t helped these predicaments either. As the project continues, the New York rapper dives deeper and deeper into a issue surrounding personal & political issues. He addresses the urban community’s place in society in “Rockabye Baby”, featuring TDE’s Schoolboy Q. Jumping to the end of the project, J Cole makes an appearance on “Legendary”. The Forest Hills rapper speaks about legends and our skewed view of what it means to be legendary. Inner-drive, inner-peace, & a sense of spirituality that uplifts your community are the keys to ‘legendary’ status; having these qualities in-turn makes you an “All-Amerikkkan Badass”. Feeling lost? Looking for a path? Need some early morning motivation? This album is the one that will do the job. Buy the album on iTunes to support the urban community, if not, you can also stream it on Spotify.