It's safe to say that we all fell in love with HBO’s Insecure’s Molly, played by Yvonne Orji, when we saw her at first sight.  Molly is one of the few dark skin female characters that TV hasn't portrayed as the typical loud, obnoxious, and ghetto best friend overshadowed by the light skin one seen to be more favorable. Her and her best friend Issa are two equally beautiful dark women with two struggles of their own kind. Though, one would've assumed Molly to be the auspicious one. She embodies a successful, sophisticated black woman, working as a lawyer for a predominantly white firm.

Molly has everything she wants except a man.

Throughout Insecure, Molly entertains two brief situationships along with a few insignificant dates. The first guy, Jared, who approached her in the pilot episode, and her hit it off pretty well but Molly broke it off twice. Molly got accepted into an elite dating app called “The League” and thought she’d finally get a guy that was on her level. She wasn't too fond of “average” Jared working at Enterprise and not having a college degree, especially when he shares it in front of her peers. We meet the second prospect Chris, a guy she encountered through “The League” in episode 5, what was insinuated to be a second sexual escapade. 

Molly presses Chris to accompany her to a colleague’s engagement party purposefully oblivious to his slight discomfort. Things take a turn for the worst when he does come to the party and “pretends” to be her boyfriend because he admits Molly was so insistent. She then goes back to Jared but breaks it off with him shortly after finding out he had a homosexual experience in the past.

molly insecure

It's not them, Molly! It's you doing the wrong things and looking for love in the wrong places. Molly engages in sex with men before she has the chance to know them. Doing that so quickly with men will lead a misunderstanding that it's all she wants leading to why they get so spooked when she imposes on them doing relationshippy things.

She has to be more direct from the get-go and start by not having sex with them first, but rather seeking a mental connection. Second, Molly desperately seeks approval from her friends for the men she dates. Molly needs to know the formula for love is a partnership for two: her and her man ONLY. At the end of the day, even if her true friends don't like whom she dates, it won't matter because they'll be satisfied if Molly is happy. And how does Molly expect to be treated like a queen when she treats men like shit? Reciprocate, Molly, reciprocate! Molly running back to Jared literally seconds after Chris didn't work was dreadful.

    After arguing with Issa and some good ole self-sabotage, Molly finally becomes aware that she's a mess and was the problem all along, which has her flustered. If only Molly learns that if she applies the same amount of diligence and effort she does with her professional career into her love life, then maybe her romantic endeavors in the next season can lead to something promising. 

molly insecure